Who we are

The London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT) - Bhutan is the vocational, technical academic and training arm of The BETA Park.

We propagate an efficient learning and development system that embraces the entire spectrum of education and training and provides opportunities for lifelong learning. Our solutions comprise of :

Higher education

Corporate training programmes

Strategic advisory services

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an inclusive world-class technology-enabled education and innovation ecosystem.

Higher Education

LIBT -Bhutan is designed to be the preferred choice to source well-rounded qualified professionals for government and public bodies, private businesses and civil society. Our graduates will, therefore, be fully groomed and prepared with the essential skills necessary to enter the local and international job market. 

Our higher education programmes include internationally recognized diploma and postgraduate diploma courses through ATHE and QUALIFI, both UK-Government regulated awarding bodies and corporate training programs. Not only are our programmes based on the latest academic research, but we ensure that all our content has practical, real-world applications. Making this leap is only possible by mobilising the most exceptional talent in the industry, something LIBT - Bhutan prides itself in. Our solutions suite focuses on the concrete value our students and stakeholders will get out of our offerings and make sure our solutions solve real-world problems. Our mantra is to “Sell Value. Not Price.” through:

  1. Internationally Recognised Academic and Professional Qualifications (QUALIFI and ATHE accreditation)
  2. Employability of our graduates
  3. Best Value for Money for our students
  4. Flexible Vocational, Technical and Academic Pathway Programs
  5. Learning On-the-Go!
  6. Active Industry Experts and Diversified Linkages
  7. Free Access to Instagrad Peer Community
Our Learning Model

The need of the 21st century Bhutanese learners requires a paradigm shift in the mindset as well as facilitation style in order to bridge the gap between the industry requirement and the labor market, both locally and globally.  We are incorporating the fundamental blocks of Andragogy and global research-based practice in the implementation of our curriculum. 

Shifting the current learning model from 80:20 (80% Formal & 20% Social learning) towards the principles of 70-20-10 model, which states that 70% of an individual learning happens through experience, 20% through social interaction and 10% through formal learning, the curriculum framework will be designed to result in a stronger balance between theory and practice. We integrate both internship (work-based learning) and apprenticeship (work-based training) programs, and exchange programs, to help our students gain expertise in an industry. We partner with regional and international hubs and ecosystems to design and deliver the most appropriate higher education courses for our students.

This will be supplemented with a blended teaching approach combining the authority style (or lecture style), the demonstrator (or coach style), the facilitator (or activity style) and the delegator (or group style). This approach is an initiation to build a 'cooperative community of learners' where teaching will be a shared activity and students will be developed to be the driver of their own learning.

Learning & Development Solutions

Workplace learning is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee, as it supports the business growth as well as the employee’s professional and personal development. While it helps employers in their business growth, it is also beneficial for employees as it helps them obtain and hone knowledge and skills to progress professionally and personally.

LIBT - Bhutan offers executive training programmes that prepare leaders and young professionals to equip themselves with internationally recognized qualifications to compete and succeed in a regionally and globally integrated workforce in executive business, management and technology fields.

With corporate training, a key philosophy of LIBT -Bhutan is ensuring tailored learning and development solutions. With well over a hundred engaging and interactive programmes offered, LIBT - Bhutan is your training partner of choice to innovate, adapt and thrive in a constantly changing and increasingly digital marketplace.

Our Learning and Development Approach

Our corporate training courses are designed to enhance productivity and performance of the workforce engaged in different priority sectors of the economy through effective and relevant re-skilling and upskilling programs. We offer executive training and professional programmes that prepare leaders and young professionals to equip themselves with internationally recognized qualifications to compete and succeed in a regionally and globally integrated and competitive workforce in executive business, management and technology fields.

We draw upon our international franchisor’s vast experience spanning industries, business functions, countries and culture to deliver a value-adding experience to our client’s most valuable asset - their People.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs are crafted and delivered to safeguard the public, the employer, the professional and the professional’s career. It ensures that professionals maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills he/she needs to deliver a professional service to their customers, clients and the community.

Framework of our offerings

Learning transfer is the core of our L&D programmes, hence all our programmes are based on the  “70:20:10 Model” in which 70 percent of learning takes place on the job, 20 percent through interaction and collaboration, and 10 percent through formal-learning interventions such as classroom training and digital curricula. These percentages are general guidelines and vary by industry and organization.
At LIBT -Bhutan , we help leaders design and implement interventions that support  blended learning, including coaching and mentoring, on-the-job instruction, apprenticeships, leadership shadowing, action-based learning, on-demand access to digital learning, and lunch-and-learn sessions. Social technologies play a growing role in connecting experts and creating and sharing knowledge.

Strategic Advisory Services

We advise organisations and companies on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. Our team works with clients to identify priorities and objectives by developing a customizable plan that provides high-level strategic direction to take their organization to its next level. Our consultative, customer-centric approach helps our clients overcome strategic challenges in the areas of leadership (board and executives), strategy and risk management.

Our advisors are long-tenured subject-matter experts who collaborate with our clients to help drive change, make tough decisions and implement key development strategies. In order to strengthen our expertise and reach, we offer tailored digital consulting services and partner with key industry specialists.

Our services are anything but “low-end”.

Industry Advisory Committee
Industry Advisory Committee

Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma

Dr. Afran Shehad

Mr. Niresh Illethambi (LLM, MBA)

Dr. Vichuda Sthanaand

Dr. Yusuf Aremu

Mr. David Garrett

Dr. Shafraz Nawaz Brohi

Ms. Annette Hernandez

Mr. Felix Lee

Mr. Aaron Randolph

Dr. Ibrahim Akaker


Our team leads progression.

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Sergio Grady


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